Tart Up Your Tech

Why is technology so ugly?
Think about it: big screen TV? Ugly. Stereo system? Ugly. I could go on.
Steve Jobs knew a bit about this problem, which is probably why we love Apple products so much; they are seductively beautiful in both design and function.

This past weekend, I attended an amazing course, run by the Brilliant Bri and the Awesome Angela.
Maybe you’ve heard of it?

While I was out in B.C. at my brother’s wedding, I got an email from the girls, saying I’d need a Wacom tablet to bring to the course. As soon as I got home, I raced out to buy the required tablet. It is a (somewhat intimidating) tool that uses a pen and a tablet to communicate with your computer, so you can write by hand on documents on-screen or use the tablet like a giant mouse pad.
And it is, of course, kind of hideous.
Black, plastic, totally uninspired.

And pricey.
And fragile.

And comes without a case to carry it and protect it….

See where this is going?

In a classic example of high-tech-meets-low-tech, I thought I would stitch up a cute case for the tablet. If you have basic sewing skills, you could do this for any kind of tablet, really. And what a great excuse to use some of the gorgeous Trade Winds fabric by Lily Ashbury I picked up at The Workroom recently!


A Stitch In Time

Since December of 2011, I have been spending some quality time in my sewing room, creating little bits of loveliness for my brother’s wedding to the darling S. One of my projects was to make fancy collars for their dogs to wear to the wedding. Here is a glimpse of the one I made for Blitz. She looked so sweet in it!