Tart Up Your Tech

Why is technology so ugly?
Think about it: big screen TV? Ugly. Stereo system? Ugly. I could go on.
Steve Jobs knew a bit about this problem, which is probably why we love Apple products so much; they are seductively beautiful in both design and function.

This past weekend, I attended an amazing course, run by the Brilliant Bri and the Awesome Angela.
Maybe you’ve heard of it?

While I was out in B.C. at my brother’s wedding, I got an email from the girls, saying I’d need a Wacom tablet to bring to the course. As soon as I got home, I raced out to buy the required tablet. It is a (somewhat intimidating) tool that uses a pen and a tablet to communicate with your computer, so you can write by hand on documents on-screen or use the tablet like a giant mouse pad.
And it is, of course, kind of hideous.
Black, plastic, totally uninspired.

And pricey.
And fragile.

And comes without a case to carry it and protect it….

See where this is going?

In a classic example of high-tech-meets-low-tech, I thought I would stitch up a cute case for the tablet. If you have basic sewing skills, you could do this for any kind of tablet, really. And what a great excuse to use some of the gorgeous Trade Winds fabric by Lily Ashbury I picked up at The Workroom recently!


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