Make a Student Smile

At the end of the school year, I always make little University Survival Kits for the Grade 12 students in my life.
In them, I put some (sort of!) tongue-in-cheek little items that will come in handy. The point of the gift is really more the thought than the content; it is a physical marker of a big transition in a young person’s life and it shows that an adult who cares recognizes that transition.

I always fill the packages with treats from one of my favourite food categories, the So-Gross-It’s-Good category. (That’s one of the ones in Canada’s Food Guide, right?)

 Those of you who are already thinking about back-to-school (yikes!) could make some of these up for the students in your life and put whatever you want in them. It’s fun to personalize a bit for each student, too. How about a little pennant or some stationery from his university or college? A long-distance phone card or gift certificate towards extra minutes or data on her phone plan? I think the charm of these little treats is that they don’t contain anything exotic or luxurious, just basic grocery items and necessities fancified up a bit for a laugh.


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