A Quick Fix

And by “fix” I am referring to my crippling fabric habit…
I love fabric. I just love it. I buy it with NO IDEA what I will make from it, just knowing that I have to have it.
Anyone else have this problem?

When I saw this ridiculously cheery, super-bright print at my home-away-from-home, Designer Fabric Outlet, I had to get a swath of it. The good news is, it doesn’t take much fabric to make cushions (I always make envelope-style ones because I am too lazy and cheap to bother with a zipper!).  I bought about a yard of this and I have tons left over.  Cushion covers also provide a good excuse for me to indulge in my other not-so-secret addiction to trims, particularly rick-rack. And, because they are small, cushion covers give me the chance to use fabrics that might not be appropriate or “fit” or that might be “too much” with our decor if I used them in larger amounts as in, say, curtains.

Our white couch is the perfect canvas for bright cushions and since they take a beating, I am always laundering them and switching them up. Every time you swap your cushion covers, your room gets a new look and I love being able to “freshen up” our space AND have fun whipping up an easy project in the process!


One thought on “A Quick Fix

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