Have Your Cake & Eat It Too!

I am not much of a cook. I think if I didn’t HAVE to come up with something to make for dinner on a daily basis, go to the grocery store, make sure I am buying healthy, nutritious, appealing food to conjure into similarly healthy, nutritious and appealing meals, I might like it better. If, say, I had all the time in the world, the perfectly-functioning kitchen, an appreciative audience who would “ooh!” and “ahh!” and rave over my culinary prowess, the whole cooking thing might be less of a chore. Sound familiar?

But, like most people, mine is a harsher reality and, in it, making meals feels like drudgery.
(Yeah, yeah, First World Problem, I know.)

What I DO enjoy, however, is BAKING. Baked goods look pretty, so that makes me happy.
What makes me even happier, however, is EATING all those pretty baked goods! Nom!

I do spend a lot of time over on the Pinterest, pinning recipes I will (prolly) never make. Every now and then, a recipe shows up there that is quick, easy and yummy (my three key requirements!) and so I give it a try in a desperate bid to justify my Pinterest habit…

This recipe for Trisha Yearwood‘s Key Lime Cake has been all over Pinterest, for good reason.
I loved the sound of it– Key Lime Cake? Yes, please!
I put aside my skepticism when I saw that it required a) a cake mix, b) lime Jell-o (really?!) and made it anyway.
Oh, boy, was I glad I did! It is super-easy and it tastes amazing.

It has become my, “Do you need me to bring something?” item when going to parties.
(I have perfected the art of volunteering-to-bring-dessert-before-the-hostess-can-ask-for-an-appetizer. Bad me!)

You can find the recipe here. And, if you make it, I suggest keeping only 1/3 of the recommended oil; substitute the remaining 2/3 with yogourt– less fat and the cake is just as moist, but not greasy.
Also, I skip the icing and just dust it with icing sugar. Yummy!


2 thoughts on “Have Your Cake & Eat It Too!

    • It truly is delicious–do give it a try! I think you could swap applesauce for the oil, too, but I like the tang from the yogourt because it works well with the lime.

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