Workin’ 9 to 5

Are you reading this while you are at work? (Don’t worry– I won’t tell!) If so, look around. Unless you are a powerful executive in a Hollywood movie, or an artist in a light-filled studio, or someone who works from home in a space designed for  you, my guess is that your office surroundings are pretty soul-suckingly hideous. Mine are. Worse, like so many people, I share my day-job space with 15 other people and all of the detritus that comes with our
occupation– mainly, stacks and piles of papers, laptops, dirty dishes, etc. Yuck.

I always figured that the only people who get to have nice office spaces are the sorts listed above. But, just because you don’t OWN your office space or have it professionally decorated to suit you and to impress clients, doesn’t mean it can’t be personalized a bit. Most of us spend A LOT of time in our offices, so why shouldn’t they be pleasant, pleasing spaces?  I have (finally!) realized that it is possible to translate to the workplace the idea I hold absolutely sacred at home: that your space should make you feel good. Why should I work in a laminate-covered box of ugliness, when I have the power (and the fabric scraps!) to pretty it up?

And so, this year, I have vowed to make my work space a place that makes me feel good. I may not be able to remodel the entire office (a girl can dream….), but I can make my own little slice of it less utilitarian, more welcoming and prettier.  Maybe I’ll even inspire a colleague or two to do the same…

Here is a little bit of what I have in the works:

Owl measuring cups, repurposed to hold clips and pins, West Elm; Poketo daytimer from Target; colourful pencils and clips.

Owl mug, West Elm, Seven Year Pen, Lily Ashbury fabric in Jaipur Pink to cover my bulletin board, decorative binder clips.

I will take some photos of the finished project once I get settled in.
(Hint: there has been some sewing and some crafting!)


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