And the Winner Is….

….Palette #1!

Thanks for all your input, Interweb. I liked both palettes, but thought for sure that the homeowner would choose #2, so I was (at first) surprised to see she’d chosen Palette #1. Now I think I know why– Palette #2 involved a lot more pattern and that can be a bit scary.

I think it will look fantastic and I can’t wait to see the finished room! We will have to wait a few weeks for that, however, as the furniture is not on deck to be recovered until early October.

I have spent a few days making the cushion covers. What do you think?

I trimmed one of the large ones with a lovely little silk ruffle from France, but once I got it on there, I decided I might actually prefer the cushions without it.

I will let the homeowner decide– it is just as easy to add it to one pillow as it is to take it off the other, depending on her preference. Below, you can see the cushion on the left with the trim.

I am particularly thrilled with the crewel-work; the fabric is such a spare, modern take on a classic fabric that it keeps the scheme from being too fussy or stuffy.


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