Note it Well

This is a very busy week for me. I am in the final countdown to my school’s big fundraiser and I am working to get ready for it. Every year, I have a wee stall to sell my crafty wares in a bid to do two things:

1. raise a bit of cash for our community partnerships

2. earn back the money I spend on making said crafty wares!
(To my long-suffering partner’s eternal disgust, I pay retail. ūüôā )

Making all the little bits and bobs is a labour of love for me– it’s good for my soul. Having my little stall at the fair is also a lot of fun; I get to see former students and chat and to meet the other vendors and admire their talents.

This year, in addition to my usual wares (more on that later), I have added the cute magnets I posted here, and these little erasable memo boards. I made my mum one a few years back and she just loves it. It sits on her kitchen counter and gets daily use. It’s all part of my philosophy that the useful can also be beautiful!

For these ones, I found groovy whiteboard CRAYONS— how cool is that?

These are easy to make: the memo board is a picture frame with some pretty fabric and a few decorative bits & bobs behind the glass. I used mini clothespins and some cute ribbon or a bit of washi tape to attach the crayons or markers to the frames.

I also put my alphabet stamps to good use.


Button Up!

Ever since I was about 12 years old, I have had a thing for fabric-covered buttons. I still love them. When I was doing my desk space make-over, I wanted some way to carry the fabric into the accessories. I had some magnets (from the dollar store!) hanging around and some coverable buttons left over from an earlier project, and since I knew the buttons would be crazy-pretty covered in the Lily Ashbury fabric, I just fiddled around until I had something I liked.

Here is a wee how-to, in case you want to make your own.

I had so much fun that I made 40 sets of 3 to sell next weekend at my annual little booth at our school fundraiser!

You Say You Want A Revolution?

Well, you know, we’d all love to change the world.

And it seems that, just maybe, we can, dear Interwebs.

One of my colleagues, a creative and crafty type who shares my love of all things vintage, furry friends and just all-around general prettiness, found herself inspired by my desk space decor. (Yay!) Out she went and, basing her palette around a pretty stripe she had at home and some fancily-wrapped prezzies from her mum, she transformed her dark and dingy spot into a cheerful slice of brightness.
It looks lovely, doesn’t it?

She chose the same file holder from Ikea that I used; it’s called Kvissle and I love that the drawers pull out so that I can actually see what I’ve shoved onto each shelf. She also couldn’t resist the darling little bum for hanging her keys — it makes me smile every time I think of those two jaunty little bums in our office!

With results like these, can world domination be far behind?! ūüėČ

Rainbow Bright

So, further to my post about my dear friend who is going back to school, it turns out that my love of school supplies presented me with a bit of conundrum: when picking them out, I had to CHOOSE.  And it was hard. Really, really hard. 

In the end, rather than choose, I went with two themes in the colour schemes: one was grown up¬†(with a hearty dose of the silly–see: hipster pencils),¬†and one was all about neon brights.

Here is a peek at some of the loud, cheerful, bright bits I sent out to my chum to keep her days on the cloudy west coast a bit sunnier.

Of course, I could not resist some Portlandia-style laptop decals. (Ask yourself: could you?)

Make Homework Fun

Last week I told you about my amazing BFF from university. She is starting back to school this month, over 20 years after we graduated with our undergrad degrees! After a career in teaching, travelling the world, becoming a triathlete and a myriad of other accomplishments, she is going to become a speech pathologist. This means she had to go back and upgrade her HIGH SCHOOL science and math credits– can you imagine doing that?!!
The woman is a force, I tell you.

Her return to school also involves a move to a new town in a new country and, thus, new office space, all set up for her by her wonderful fella, who has transformed their spare room into a study zone for her. He’s a true darling, I must say.

I am (surprise!) a sucker for school supplies. In my opinion, they are the best part of having to return to school in the fall. Since my pal is returning to the student lifestyle, I knew she would not have too much disposable income to treat herself to fancy-schmancy school supplies.  I figured that would simply never do, so I treated myself to a shopping trip or two to stock up some stylish supplies to keep her feeling inspired if (when?) school becomes a slog. I also included a Voluspa candle in yummy Goji Tarocco Orange to soothe frazzled nerves after a long study session.

Here is some of what was inside the “care package” I sent her last week:

How cute are the little cat tags below? They have their own names!

The slang cue cards will help her keep up with the young’uns. They promise hipness in “mere days.” ¬†Hee!

Send a Surprise

I can’t post about what, exactly, is¬†inside¬†these pretty pink packages, as the contents are to be a back-to-school surprise for my BFF from university and they are winging their way to her as I type this. I want them to have reached her before I post about them– I don’t want to spoil the surprise by having her see here on the interweb what I’ve sent her before she sees it all in person!

But I can post the wrapped packets! I wrote out a little tease on each tag, hinting at what’s inside.
I thought it would add a little fun to the unwrapping by making her guess at what each package contains.


My mother has a friend who makes her teenaged & twenty-something grandchildren unplug completely when they come to her house. She has a basket inside her front door and the grandkids are required to leave their phones in it when they come in. You know what? They DO it! And they don’t complain! The rule is, when you are at Nana and Poppa’s house, you are visiting and visitors do not text or talk on the phone. Visitors¬†visit.

There is something to this idea, I think. I find that I am obsessively drawn to check my phone if it is within reach (what if someone in Japan posts a photo of a cat on the internet or one of my friends Instagrams a photo of her lunch and I miss it???!!!!). Deliberately putting your phone into a cone of silence is not a bad idea from time to time; in fact, it’s probably good for the soul.

If you have kids or grandkids, give it a whirl. I got some paper boxes at the dollar store, wrote up labels on pretty notecards and used my candy-striped washi tape to attach the labels. Make one to go with your decor!

Take a Seat!

When my parents got married– heck, even as recently as when my¬†friends got married– ¬†the way you figured out which table you’d be at for dinner was by finding your name on a board and going to the numbered table to which you’d been assigned. As you know, that system is no longer the norm. I love checking out wedding blogs to see some of the fun and creative ways couples choose to indicate the seating plan to their guests.

My brother and his bride chose to use origami. My brother made all the origami sculptures twice– once in miniature to go on the board with the lists of guests, and once in a larger size to mark the table and be part of the centrepiece. He was up until 3:30 a.m. the night before the wedding, folding paper like a madman, but it was worth it. After all, it was pretty fun to be able to say you were sitting
“at the sign of the prawn”!

(Though I think the X-Wing fighter might have been my very favourite!)

The origami looked so pretty tucked in amongst the lovely mismatched vases full of flowers and the tealights sparkling in beribboned mason jars.
A crack commando team of amateur florists (a.k.a. family and friends!) worked very hard to get the flowers looking just right and to set up the centrepieces.

Once again, photo credits to Lucas Jarvis.

Eliza Doolittle…

has got nothing on these ladies!

In the true DIY spirit of my brother’s wedding, my mum and my “other mother,” her next-door neighbour of 40 years, did all the flowers for the bouquets and corsages and boutonnieres.

¬†And didn’t they do a great job?

The bride’s bouquet was adorned with a treasured family heirloom.

The brief for flowers for the wedding was “bright colours.” The bridesmaids’ bouquets looked great against their jewel-coloured dresses; the hot pink & white really popped.

As you can imagine, the flower girls stole the show & a whole lotta hearts
( a deliberate ploy on the part of a bride who did not want to be the centre of attention!)
in their fluffy tutus and their Chucks, carrying their bright yellow bouquets.

All but the first two photos were taken by Lucas Jarvis.