Desk Space Rejuvenation

Here it is!

I am so pleased with the result; every time I see my “new” desk space, I feel calm and serene and better able to cope with the stress of my workplace. I have even inspired a colleague or two to do the same to their desk areas!

This is a “before” shot– I borrowed my colleague’s space for the photo, but my desk space looked kinda similar before the transformation. (Mine was a bit neater, but not by much.. )

These photos were taken with ALL the lights on in the office– you can see why a desk lamp is a necessity: the place is black as pitch.

Because of the darkness issue, I chose light, bright, fresh colours.

1. Despite studies that say women who post personal photos in their offices do not advance in their careers, I need the reminders of my life outside work. Also, I am as high up the food chain as I ever hope to be! I tarted up the frames with a bit of washi tape and some awesome glitter tape.

2. Cute little storage containers are there with the goal of inspiring me to stay organized. They are measuring cups and coffee/espresso cups, but I like the idea of using them to corral office supplies.

3. A clear blotter with a pretty piece of Lily Ashbury Tradewinds fabric underneath brightens up the desk surface. So much nicer than my old black blotter and easy to switch up  if I want a new colour scheme.

4. My Poketo day timer is cute on the inside, but needed some zhuszh on the outside– enter the glitter tape!

5. I covered my bulletin board with more Lily Ashbury Tradewinds fabric; this one is called Jaipur. You could just as easily use wallpaper or any kind of pretty paper. I attached it with thumbtacks, so it is also easily switched.

6. A couple of whimsical touches– the ubiquitous “Keep Calm” and a little cat bum and tail to hang my keys. I have a cheeky sense of humour, so why shouldn’t my work space?

7. Pretty notepads and washi tape, along with some cute ink stamps will bring me cheer all year long and also add a personal touch.

8. A white file stack replaces the old black one and lightens up the space. It also serves as a handy surface to keep memos with some custom made magnets.

9. A modern desk lamp sheds crucial light and contrasts with the busy prints and bright colours, to keep the whole look modern and crisp.

Washi tape– it’s everywhere, and for good reason. It looks so pretty and is so darned easy to use and so inspiring; I just want to cover everything in it!


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