My mother has a friend who makes her teenaged & twenty-something grandchildren unplug completely when they come to her house. She has a basket inside her front door and the grandkids are required to leave their phones in it when they come in. You know what? They DO it! And they don’t complain! The rule is, when you are at Nana and Poppa’s house, you are visiting and visitors do not text or talk on the phone. Visitors visit.

There is something to this idea, I think. I find that I am obsessively drawn to check my phone if it is within reach (what if someone in Japan posts a photo of a cat on the internet or one of my friends Instagrams a photo of her lunch and I miss it???!!!!). Deliberately putting your phone into a cone of silence is not a bad idea from time to time; in fact, it’s probably good for the soul.

If you have kids or grandkids, give it a whirl. I got some paper boxes at the dollar store, wrote up labels on pretty notecards and used my candy-striped washi tape to attach the labels. Make one to go with your decor!


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