Note it Well

This is a very busy week for me. I am in the final countdown to my school’s big fundraiser and I am working to get ready for it. Every year, I have a wee stall to sell my crafty wares in a bid to do two things:

1. raise a bit of cash for our community partnerships

2. earn back the money I spend on making said crafty wares!
(To my long-suffering partner’s eternal disgust, I pay retail. 🙂 )

Making all the little bits and bobs is a labour of love for me– it’s good for my soul. Having my little stall at the fair is also a lot of fun; I get to see former students and chat and to meet the other vendors and admire their talents.

This year, in addition to my usual wares (more on that later), I have added the cute magnets I posted here, and these little erasable memo boards. I made my mum one a few years back and she just loves it. It sits on her kitchen counter and gets daily use. It’s all part of my philosophy that the useful can also be beautiful!

For these ones, I found groovy whiteboard CRAYONS— how cool is that?

These are easy to make: the memo board is a picture frame with some pretty fabric and a few decorative bits & bobs behind the glass. I used mini clothespins and some cute ribbon or a bit of washi tape to attach the crayons or markers to the frames.

I also put my alphabet stamps to good use.


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