The final installment in my little retrospective of my crafty wares stall of last weekend is a look at both the most and least successful of my products.

So, the memo boards? HUGE, ENORMOUS success. First of all, I priced them (low) to make them affordable to students. And they went nuts for them. It started with the boarding school girls, all of whom hang white boards on their bedroom doors (remember doing that in residence at university?). They LOVED the memo boards. They spread the word. Which then took hold like wildfire. Of 40 memo boards, I have 3 left. Will definitely do them again.

Not a hit? The MAGNETS! What? Hello? I have no idea why not– little bits of sweetness, I thought they’d sell out. I suspect that a weird psychological thing (yes, that is the medical term…) happened: I priced them too low and, thus, instead of thinking, “Hey! What a deal! Those’d be great stocking stuffers/look awesome on my fridge/locker, etc.”, people thought, “Those are so cheap they must not be any good.” Either that or they thought, “Ew. Those are hideous.” But they were rhapsodizing over how cute they were, so I just don’t get why they didn’t really buy them…. Guess what everyone I know is getting for Christmas?! 🙂

A few people bought my sweet little gift tags, but not many. I love these– I loved the ones I made with 1920s slang sayings on them, in particular (after they failed to sell last year, I have been using them on gifts I’ve given over the past year).

What the market wants– it’s a mystery. Go figure. 🙂

Have a great weekend; Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canucks!


4 thoughts on “Wares

  1. Not only would I LOVE those magnets for Christmas but I loved following this adventure of yours. Totally delightful! No pun intended 🙂 Good job with those Memo Boards!

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