Last week I was commissioned to make my former (now retired– lucky girl!) boss some shoe clips to tart up her Louboutins so that they would go with a new outfit she plans to wear to a wedding.

These were our inspiration:


Here is what I came up with. It was so much fun and not at all difficult– why not try it out? Shoe clips are tiny, so you can make them with scraps you have on-hand. I am excited to whip up some more over the next few weeks.

I got my clips at Sussman’s, but they are readily available online (for less!) if you can’t find a local supplier.

I both stitched and glued the clips I made– I wanted them to be sturdy, so a tiny bit of hot glue under the clip itself just added a bit of security to my hand-stitching.

The next step was to wrap them up nicely and send them on their way to adorn a pair of shoes much fancier than my cheapies! 😉 Here’s to dancing the night away in pretty shoes!


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