Seasonal Switch, Part II

So, the frosted bulbs that looked so great in my dreams (and, admittedly, in the photos!), proved to be just a bit “too much” in real life. The mantel-scape just looked far too busy and the room looked confused and overly full.

Time for Plan B. Swap out the frosted bulbs (sob!) for the clear ones. Try the larger sized bulbs b/c there are fewer on a string and that might solve the “too busy” problem.

Try it without the candlesticks– one of the problems with the first version was that the candlesticks were competing with the frosted bulbs, but without them, things looked wrong somehow… I love my little owls from West Elm, and all the vintage books from my childhood (some were my dad’s and some my grandmother’s when they were little)
so I wanted to keep them in the vignette.

Still not happy with this version, I knew I’d have to try a third version.



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