One Woman’s Junk…

…is this woman’s treasure!

At our house, we do fall cleaning, not spring cleaning. Spring is time to GET OUTSIDE into the sunshine, but fall is the time to get ready to hunker down and enjoy the coziness of home. I really enjoy getting tidied and organized in the fall so that I can have a warm and homey winter. To that end, we have been cleaning out our garage and the basement and that, Interwebs, means trips to the dump. Well, okay, it’s the big city, so we don’t have a dump, we have a transfer station.

This time, on our way out, we drove past a full set of the MOST AMAZING Granny furniture! It was perfect! It was screaming out for a coat or three of paint! “Stop the car!” I hollered at M, to his total horror.  To his credit, he did stop the car, despite his (very valid) argument that going to the dump was about getting rid of stuff, not accumulating more…

I had to beg the city employee to let me salvage something— “No,” she said. “No taking stuff that’s been dumped.”  “But,” I practically sobbed, “It’s PERFECT. It’s in utterly perfect shape and it is so heartbreaking that someone has dumped it here. In the name of recycling, pleeeeeeease can’t we just pretend that I am the one who dumped it and that I have just changed my mind?!” The woman looked at me like I had two heads, but I could also see that she was as horrified as I was at the waste of just having this furniture crunched up by giant machines and put into landfill.

“Fine,” she said. “Just go. Take it, do it fast, and go!”

It was all I could do not to kiss her.

Sadly, I could not get all four pieces, but I snagged the little wall-mounted curio and saved it from certain destruction. When I got it home, I saw that it still had circles in the dust on each shelf where the tchotchkes had been. How sad.

But now, I have a project, one of my favourite things ever to have.
And I will love my little curio cabinet, giving it a new life. I hope its former owner would be glad if she knew.

Above, you can see how this crafty lady worked some magic on the identical cabinet.

I’ve decided to paint it (surprise) in dark grey (surprise) on the outside, with palest “ballet slipper pink” on the inside. Stay tuned over the next few weeks to see how it all turns out!


3 thoughts on “One Woman’s Junk…

  1. I fail to understand how someone can take perfectly good furniture to a dump! What is wrong with your local Goodwill or Value Village?! Great score, E! Your negotiating (begging) skills served you well!

  2. LFM, I totally agree. This is why I have so much junk. I keep it or I pick it up off the roadside. I think everyone should use “freecycle” It is so great. The person comes to your house and takes it away. You know it is going to a good home because they made that effort.

    E, I can’t wait to see the transformation. When will the painting occur?

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