Shower Me With Ideas

One of my sisters-in-law is in the process of renovating her master bathroom. The room is big and worked just fine, but the style and finishes were dated. She is a young mum with a modern sensibility and good taste– her house is gorgeous, thanks to her good eye and sense of style.

But, when we got together recently for a family Thanksgiving celebration, she told me that she is flummoxed over having to choose…. a shower curtain! Yes, it’s true: after all the hard work and the gazillions of pleading/bossy/begging phone calls to contractors, homeowners can feel just plain overwhelmed when the time comes to choose the finishing touches. It’s as if all the energy has gone into to making the BIG choices– tiles, vanity, countertop, faucets…. And then there is nothing left over for the final decorative choices.

So, she asked for some help. Since I LOVE this part of decorating the best (Fabric? Accessories? Yes, please!), I was only too happy to have a little think on her behalf and to put together a couple of inspiration boards for her.

Here is the first one. Everything is from West Elm, which I love for it’s sensible price points and high style. I love that West Elm understands that decor is a big investment for most of us and that most of us need to live with our decisions for a long time. But they manage to make very useful, stylish stuff that also stands the test of time without being boring– their designers have a sense of humour, of whimsy. (How cute is that tissue box, shaped like a little ceramic house?)

Here is my first recommendation for A’s shower curtain and a few little accessories to tie in with the circle/geometric motif.


3 thoughts on “Shower Me With Ideas

  1. I love the look of that bathroom. Perhaps one day! I like the curtain but I’m not sure if it would go with my Balboa Mist paint colour. Help…

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