Project Shower Curtain, Round 2

Here is another set of ideas, all courtesy of West Elm, for my sister-in-law’s bathroom.
She liked the first round, but was worried that the first shower curtain would not work with her paint colour. I found a swatch of her paint online, and I know what she means:  the white curtain with the subtle pattern would not really add any “zing!” to the room.

Benjamin Moore’s “Balboa Mist.”

How about a wide, modern, horizontal stripe and a geometric take on a floral for the accessories?  This colour palette is still neutral and soothing, but packs a bit more punch. Monogrammed hand towels are cute, too, don’t you think?

Stay tuned for the final (and my favourite!) round of suggestions in Project Shower Curtain on Monday!


One thought on “Project Shower Curtain, Round 2

  1. I like this one! Where did you find the striped towels? West Elm? The Balboa Mist looks more taupe than I wanted so would navy stripes work better?

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