Project Shower Curtain, Round 3

This one is, I admit it, my favourite idea for my sister-in-law’s shower curtain. I recognize that it is a bit of risk to go with a suggestion of giant moths and dahlias, but I just love this curtain and I think it would be one of those, “I thought that was a crazy idea, but it turns out to be perfect!” kinda suggestions. 🙂 I also love that it brings a bit of nature and some softness into the bathroom, a room which tends to be all about the hard surfaces. Imagine a seagrass hamper (seagrass smells so amazing!) and a cheeky little ceramic trunk to store your bits and bobs. Add some sparkle with stacking glass containers.

Once again, everything is from West Elm.


One thought on “Project Shower Curtain, Round 3

  1. I like this one! I think it will mesh perfectly with the finishings in the bathroom and soften up the look. I had so much fun with these posts. Thanks. AJ

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