Clearly Curvacious

In the end, this lamp was not at all right for the living room “freshening up.”
But I found two lovely, tall, simple glass table lamps that worked perfectly.
The shape and the shade are classic and timeless; the clear glass adds a bit of contemporary chic to the room.

Untrimmed, the lamps were a bit austere and cold.
The shades looked very clinical in a way that did not contrast well with the curvy bases.

So I added a bit of ruffle trim to the tops of the shades.
It’s a subtle detail, but it ties in with the trim on the sofa throw cushions and draws the eye upward, adding harmony and height to the room.

It was a very quick and easy trick: I used glue dots to stick the ribbon to the top of the shades. It’s a nice way to tart up a simple shade or one of which you are bored.
Into the fancy and the frou-frou? Add some pom-pom trim or fringe!
Is yours a crisper, more modern aesthetic? Grosgrain ribbon is simple and elegant– you can use varying widths of ribbon to add one or more stripes of colour to your lampshade. It’s a little project that has a big impact.


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