The Sun

…will come out tomorrow. Or so goes a line from my BFF’s favourite musical.
(Though asking her to pick a favourite musical is like asking a mother to choose her favourite child, to be honest.)

Last year, for her birthday, I sent a little treat her way. I thought she might like to hang it up in her office space, to help her keep her chin up on those days we all have at work now and then, the days when we wish someone would burst into song and do a little tap dance to make us smile.

I made her some mini-bunting (flags are 3.5 inches tall), using some delicious fabric I had bought at the insanely amazing Beyond Fabrics on the Columbia Road and had been hoarding to be used for Something Very Special.
What could be more special than the birthday of someone you love?

I hand-lettered the lyrics from that famous song onto the plain pennants and then sewed some sweet little buttons on as embellishment. It hangs in her office now and, I hope, makes her smile when she sees it.


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