Here, Kitschy Kitty!

My dear friend BMad is a veteran thrifter– he finds The Best Stuff Ever at thrift shops and is also very good at helping his friends and relatives “redistribute” the stuff for which they no longer have use or space. And, often, I am the beneficiary of his thrifting finds.  In the case of this post, I think he rescued these little treasures from his mother’s house during a downsizing purge.

Like me, BMad cannot resist kitsch. Kitschy cats? Perfection!

Except… they needed a facelift to help unify them and to hide their tacky colours. So, I turned to my good friend Martha and painted up these three little bottle stoppers. I think they look pretty cute and will add a bit of personality to our kitchen.
(If we ever have any leftover wine… Isn’t that an oxymoron?)


2 thoughts on “Here, Kitschy Kitty!

    • Sadly, I did not take “before” shots. I did this months and months ago and just found them during the epic tidying of my sewing room yesterday. Trust me when I say the “before” was pretty scary! 🙂

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