On Collections


Here it is, the ugly, unvarnished truth: I could (very easily) be a hoarder. Where does this instinct come from? I am ruthless in weeding my wardrobe, I am hard on everyone I know in terms of getting them to toss bitty, tatty, piles of STUFF. But, in my heart of hearts, I love to collect. I am a total magpie.



In my defence, I do ascribe to William Morris’ philosophy above; everything I collect I do so because the beauty of it speaks to me. My most cherished collection is my vintage clothing, accessories and shoes. If you know me, you know that I actually wear most of it (though that 1930s wedding dress has yet to have an outing…) but that is a blog post for over here.


This little collection is one that came to me ready-made. In the pinnacle of my thrifting career, I bought a lot at auction many years ago. I bought it for $22, I believe, and did so only to get two funky lamps that I rewired and tarted up and which now have pride of place in our bedroom. Also included in the lot was a very odd toaster thingie and a cardboard box with a pile of dusty cut glass bottle stoppers. I shined them up and stashed them away, unable to part with them; I think their sparkle appealed to my inner magpie.


This month, I decided to put them to use in adding a bit of sparkle to the darkness of a Canadian winter.
Stay tuned to see how I have incorporated them into a vignette.


How about you? Do you collect/hoard? If so, what & why? If not, why not?


5 thoughts on “On Collections

    • Thanks, Winter Owls! I love your suggestion about dangling them from a tree– that would be gorgeous! May have to give that a try in the spring….

  1. oh, i could totally be a hoarder too, but at the same time i NEED my house to be organised and tidy. It’s a balancing act that’s for sure. Your collection is very pretty!

    • Maybe that is what will save us from hoarder-dom, RedCandy! I, too, MUST have an orderly, neat, tidy house. Drives me crazy when things are messy– I find I just function better when things are in my physical environment are in order. OCD? A bit, but I also know what works for me and being neat is it. (My mother STILL cannot believe that her messy child has grown up to be such a neatnik!)

      Glad you like the sparkly stoppers!

  2. Do I hoard anything? I think that answer is everything – just in case. Sadly, they aren’t collections. Luckily, I have a best friend who makes her world beautiful and neat that I love to admire.

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