On Collections, III


In the end, although I like some design tension in a vignette, I decided to go with a soothing, cohesive look when displaying my little collection of glass stoppers.(After all, M does call the living room my “Zen Room”…) The pretty bowl from West Elm has a floral pattern and colour that are echoed in the Domino book, and the curved lines of the candle holders also tie in with the organic, curvy lines of the stoppers, bowl, and patterns. Of course, some flickering candle light adds sparkle, and that is never a bad thing, is it?


I was fooling around with the settings on my camera and ended up with these pale, sort of washed-out photos, with only the aqua of the book showing up in colour.  I kinda like these shots, as it turns out…

delovleydelightfulHappy Birthday to my step-mum and Happy Friday, everyone!
Why not try (re)arranging a few collection-based vignettes at your house this weekend?


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