Life’s Little Luxuries


Glossy magazines.

A good ol’ gossip session with a girlfriend.

A satisfying, engrossing (if not overly-literary…) read.

Truly yummy wine.

Snuggles with a cat (or three…).

Time to oneself.

These are life’s little luxuries.
Here is another one: candlelight.
If I had my way (and I often do!), I would light our home solely with candles.


In the deep, dark depths of our northern winter, I thought I’d bring you some images of  a few of  the candles that keep our house warm & glowing.


3 thoughts on “Life’s Little Luxuries

  1. Ooh! Thanks, Winter Owls! I must say, I could do a week’s worth of posts on trying to get that darn thing right. Still a work in progress.
    Do you know Covet Garden? It is a really beautiful online mag and it’s FREE– perfectly suited to a budget girl like me. There is a link to their blog in my side-bar, too. Also, it might be your ticket to fame and fortune, as they are always looking for artists and talented people to feature in their “pages.”

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