Light Me To Bed


For the final instalment in this week’s candlelight theme, let me invite you into my boudoir. Hee!

In the fall, I was given a truly lovely gift: a little votive candle from Diptyque. It is, in short, a luxury of the highest order. For good reason: it smells divine! The scent is lavender– perfect for the bedroom because it aids in relaxation and makes one sleepy. As someone who does not fall asleep easily, I find that my luxury candle has become a necessity. When the votive size had been spent, I made sure to replace it, splurging on the full-sized version this time.
It sits alongside a photo of my beloved, departed “Men” and whatever book I am reading.


I love my recently-acquired nightly ritual of lighting the candle, filling the room with lavender scent and then cozying up in bed.


Have a lovely, restful, candlelight-filled weekend.


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