I Get Antsy…

…if I haven’t had a project for a while.
Now that I am not wrapping presents and decking the halls, I look around our little house and wonder what I can get my mitts on in the way of a project….

Obviously, ripping out the kitchen, adding a pantry and screened-in room off the back of the house, replacing/fixing our front porch, resurfacing the driveway, building a new garage and (finally) getting the front yard landscaped are all worthy and deserving projects that MUST be tackled. The sooner, the better, really. But, since the budget and the work schedule cannot accommodate those projects, I decided to give the guest room a bit of a facelift.


I like our guest room a lot. It is a good size (though it has no closet), the bed is really comfy and it is home to some favourite antiques, a combination of heirlooms and my own thrifty scores. I filled it up with my usual mix of inherited bits (vintage suitcase to store my belts, my grandmother’s cedar chest, M’s great-grandfather’s Windsor chair), salvaged bits (antique iron finials, some chairs decoupaged for a school play,a piece of wrapping paper framed above the bed, cards & postcards framed), and some cheap and cheerful antique store scores (the flaking hoosier that holds my handbags, the bedstead– half of which remains in the basement because I need to build a better frame to support the mattress). And I was happy with it. I made the duvet cover and the bedskirt, as well as the curtain (not shown) and I really, really liked the whole look for a very long time. But I am a bit tired of the bedding. The bedding is well over 10 years old now and I am not so into the toile look anymore, even though it works well with the rest of the room.


I decided it was time to freshen up a bit! Stay tuned to see how it worked out.


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