While I was at Ikea recently, getting sucked into buying a bunch of pretty things I really don’t need, er, picking up napkins, I fell for this adorable bedding. I had already snagged a pair of cushion covers in a similar fabric a few months back and they make me smile every time I see them. Clearly I had to have the pretty linen bedding, too!


It’s bright, it’s cheerful, it would go a long way toward bringing the guest room into the 21st century. Except it looked wretched with the bedskirt (I totally forgot about the bedskirt when I bought the bedding…). No worries, I knew just what to do– I would whip up a bedskirt from some of the pretty linen tea-towelling they have at Designer Fabric.
In red. Perfect.

Except the red was sold out.
Which meant I had to sacrifice the pretty table runner I’d made over Christmas and turn it into a bedskirt.
It looks just as I’d hoped– bright and homey.


Of course, I also needed new toss cushion covers. I made them out of fabric I’ve been saving to cover a mid-century chair I plan to put in our TV room when it gets remodelled. One day.
(Don’t worry– I still have enough to cover the chair!)
The silly bird print looks perfect with the sunny polka dots.

The trouble is, I like the way the bed looks (and it does, admittedly, look better in person than in the photos), but the room does not gel any more.  I am all for a little design tension, but this is just off. I am going to have to go back to the drawing board, I think. Which is sad because I love the polka dots.

Fear not, Gentle Reader– I have a plan!


One thought on “Facelift

  1. I love the new bedskirt and bedding!

    However, I have to agree that it doesn’t gel as nicely as the other one with the rest of the room. Perhaps, this beautiful ensemble could be used at the new cottage 🙂

    I wonder if you could work around the new bedskirt as it seems to straddle the centuries. I love it by the way. Then again, what do I know. You and J are my go-to-designers for the home

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