Sweet Treat

Here is an easy, sweet treat you can whip up for your sweetheart or for a friend.
I made this one for the birthday of a friend & colleague.
What is more decadent than a teeny, tiny cake all for yourself?

I used Paula Deen’s recipe for 1-2-3-4 Cake— it is so very easy and so very yummy!  It is a dense, rich cake that works perfectly for this project. Once you’ve baked your cake, you’ll need a few supplies.


I baked a simple slab cake from the leftover batter I used to make my honey his favourite treat for his birthday. I cut out two little circles using a pastry cutter (but you could cut out any shape you like; what about a heart for Valentine’s Day?) and then froze the remaining cake to use another day.

First, cut out your shape. I chose to cut two and make a double layer cake.


Plop a big, delicious blob of yummy jam on top of one shape & spread it over the layer. Be generous!
(After all, if you are going to give someone a cake, make it count!)


Next, mix a bit of icing sugar with some milk and add a drop of real almond extract. This is not an exact science; just mess about until you get a consistency you like. I opted for “drizzly.” Pour or spread it over your top layer– I did not ice the sides because I wanted the jam to be visible.


Doesn’t it look yummy? I used raspberry jam for this one, but I think cherry jam would be delicious with a more spreadable chocolate icing… Or marmalade with a lemon/candied ginger icing… Or a caramel icing on both layers… Or add some lemon to the batter and ice it with cream cheese icing… Or add cocoa to the batter and ice it with key lime cream cheese icing… The possibilities are endless– let your imagination run wild!


I can’t wait to show you how I packaged it up in festive style!


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