Tiny, Perfect Cake

Here is how I packaged up the wee little cake I put together for a friend last week.


First, I cut out a cardboard circle to go under the cake and then wrapped the whole thing in waxed paper, to keep the jam and the icing from bleeding through the wrapping. Next, I cut a strip of parchment paper to size and wrapped it around the cake, leaving the top open.


Some washi tape and some glitter tape, plus a bit of grosgrain ribbon added a bit of pizzazz. Then, I wrapped the stem of a canvas flag in the same washi tape, for a sort of circus-y, birthday party-ish vibe. I hand-stamped the message onto the flag in blue ink (I’m a fan of vintage slang) and then popped the flag into the centre of the cake.


A plastic gift bag and a string of sequins were the final touches. I used the glitter tape on the ends of the sequin string to keep it from unravelling– it would be sad to give someone a cake wrapped in the bedraggled, de-sequined remains of something so pretty! 😉



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