Patio Weather

Okay, maybe it’s not exactly patio weather where I live (we just got walloped with enough snow that we got a snow day!), but it is patio weather in some parts of the world, so I thought I’d share an inspiring space with you to get you dreaming of warm days and evenings.

I was thrilled to see a display by a local company I love, Earth Inc., at IDS 2013 a couple of weeks back.  They always create the most inspiring and idyllic spaces, and though their aesthetic is more modern than mine, I was quite taken with this patio.

What I love about this space is that it really is an outdoor room. I like the hard surfaces– all those bricks! And I love the cage lights and reclaimed wooden table-top and bench, mixed with the metal stools and industrial elements.


I am not a big gardener, so this little, low-maintenance space with its worn bricks and enormous, suspended “fire-pit” made from some kind of reclaimed, gigantic industrial basket really appeals to me. I love the rusty chain and the oversized metal basket that looks like it came from a smelting facility, even though I know that those plants and wooden slats surrounding it wouldn’t stand a chance if anyone were to ever actually light the fire!


The space is small– maybe 10 x 15 feet– and represents a pretty typical city yard here in Toronto. It would be easy to borrow a few good ideas from this installation. For example, want a garden and a fire pit? Why not suspend the latter above the former? Rather than going for the full-on kettle of wood, why not hang an oversized antique bird cage and fill it with candles? Same pretty effect, less likely to char the surroundings…


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