Such Stuff As Dreams Are Made On

I have long lusted after Annie Sloan’s chalk paint and recently discovered that there are all of half a dozen Canadian retailers who carry it. None of them is within 2 hours of where I live, but one of those, Kathie Jordan, is happy to ship it by mail! Naturally, I ordered some up right quick and then waited in anticipation for my parcel to arrive.


Next, I had to wait until I had some time to try it out.
This past weekend, I finally got the chance!
(And I have not stopped painting since I started– this is ADDICTIVE, I tell you!)


I started out with a simple little project: painting up a sweet little table I am “babysitting” for my BFF. (Don’t worry– she agreed to let me paint it!) It is a dear little thing, with great curves, but it was looking a little tired and the colour was a bit dated.

The great thing about chalk paint is it’s very chalkiness— soooo lovely! It is also wonderful stuff in that it requires NO priming and NO sanding!!! Instant gratification, Gentle Reader!


Here is how I took LHR‘s adorable little table from 80s to au courant with a combination of Graphite and Florence. Most people who use the paint do so to get an antiqued, French-ified feel– after applying the paint, you must apply a coating of wax to seal it. But I wanted the chalky colours to have a contemporary look, so I did not distress the finish and I used clear wax, so as not to alter the clarity of the colours.


 To get the dip-dye effect, I just marked the legs with a ruler and drew a line. I used an artist’s brush to apply the Florence to the feet of the table. I waxed the top of the table and the feet, to protect them, but left the lovely, curvy pedestal unwaxed so that it has a gorgeous chalky texture.


To celebrate, I baked cookies!



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