We’ve Got Annie!

Annie Sloan, that is.
I told you this stuff was addictive and I was not kidding. Suddenly, I spend far too much time these days thinking,
“What can I paint next?!”

So when BMad found this little gem this past week (he is my Official Source of Old Stuff),
I was over the moon at the prospect of whipping out the chalk paint and giving it a make-over.


It’s a jewellery box, lined in an unexpected blue faux-velvet.
Super useful for storing bits and bobs in my sewing room, no?

I started out by giving it a coat of Provence.
(What is up with the weird cedilla on the “c” in the name?)
Stay tuned to see how the finished product looks!



2 thoughts on “We’ve Got Annie!

  1. That wil look great. I think the faux velvet is actually that anti tarnish cloth that they use in silverwear and jewellry drawers. Can’t wait to see the finished project.

    • Oh, maybe that’s what it is. Though it’s not soft and velvety like that anti-tarnish stuff. It’s a bit “hairy” in a very synthetic way… But I bet it is meant to serve the anti-tarnish purpose!

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