A Sweet Tea Party

One of the current bridal shower trends I love is the old-fashioned tea party. It combines a whole passel of lovely things: sweets, antique dishes, flowers, fancy silver….cake bunting!


Today’s post is about just such a shower, organized and styled by my talented colleague, JG. The woman puts Martha Stewart to shame and her talents in the kitchen are legendary among those who know her.
Who better, then, to create the vision for the dessert table at her pal’s bridal shower?


The wedding’s colour scheme is purples and lavenders and, thus, so were the sweets & the dessert buffet decor. Add some pretty washi tape mini-bunting
–(we had a joint brainstorm to add the pompoms to the bunting– isn’t it darling?!)–
a vintage silver tea service, some hydrangeas and some vintage tea cups & saucers and you have a beautiful, old-fashioned, feminine bridal shower.



Yes, those are TRIPLE CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES with purple sugar sparkles.


Teapot-shaped, lavender-tinted shortbread? Yes, please!


All photos by J. Goldberg, who was kind enough to let me share all this prettiness here.


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