It’s The Little Things

We are lucky to have a guest room in our little house.
We are also lucky to have two (perfect!) cats.
Sometimes, we are lucky enough to have guests.
Sometimes those guests are allergic to our furry babies.
To help mitigate this problem, I keep a few supplies on-hand for those guests who find themselves feeling a bit sneezy.


BMad gave me this funky old silverware box and, with a coat or two of Annie Sloan‘s Emperor’s Silk, mixed with a dab of Old White, it is the perfect little spot to stash a few little essentials for our guests.


I thought it might be nice to unify the packaging of the not-so-pretty allergy pills, so I made little envelopes from wrapping paper.


I wrote the dosage on the outside of the package so that no one is in danger of overdosing on decongestants. 🙂


I also included some tissues (we can’t have boxes of them because we have cats who enjoy EATING tissues…)
and the wi-fi password on a little card so that guests can log in and use their phones, laptops or tablets.



9 thoughts on “It’s The Little Things

  1. So pretty and thoughtful. Clever, too. The paint is transformative! I’m getting all stuffed up and teary eyed just thinking about the cat fur. BMad

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