At Last


Remember this cabinet? I managed to finagle it from the soft-hearted lady guarding the pile of trash at the transfer station in the spring and have been meaning to paint it ever since.


Now that I have Annie on my side, I decided to abandon the colour I’d chosen (sorry, Sarah!) and go with my new favourite, Graphite. I painted the inside with Old White.


Even M is impressed by the transformation, pronouncing the finished product “a very nice cabinet,” which is high praise indeed, coming from my taciturn fella.


Now that it looks so much better, what the heck am I gonna DO with it?!
I will keep you posted and let you know if/when I find a home for it.


3 thoughts on “At Last

  1. Gorgeous tranformation. I love the graphite colour. What about selling it if you don’t have room? Crane Lake perhaps? Although I’m not sure it will be the right look. Love it!

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