Winter Wonderland

And by “wonder,”  I mean, “I wonder if winter will ever END?”

I see on my Instagram feed that the folks I follow in places like the UK, California, France and even NYC are all posting lovely shots of sunshine and trees in blossom. Meanwhile, take a look at what is going on outside my window as I type this post:


So, though other folks are busy pinning Easter crafts and doing their spring decor freshening up, I am going to talk about a problem to which those of us who live in northern climes are no strangers. It is, Gentle Reader, the problem of how to keep all the necessary GEAR required by 5-6 months of wintry weather under control.

I love our house, but it is not huge and it is nearly 90 years old. As a result, storage is at a premium. Our front hall closet is very tiny and the upper shelf of that closet is always a seething morass of tangled scarves, toques, gloves and mittens. It used to stress me out just thinking about having to find a hat and a matching pair of mitts every morning.
So, this year I FINALLY got serious about getting things organized.


I was able to find three not-very-inspiring fabric-covered bins at Winners. The key was to find some that would actually fit in our tiny hall closet, but still be large enough to hold all the STUFF that normally spilled down onto our heads every time we opened the closet door. Given their utilitarian appearance, I decided they needed a little jeuje, so I trotted out my trusty alphabet stamps and washi tape and made some labels.* I tied them on with some twine and, ta-da!
Organized, handy, useful and, best of all, I find I am wearing a greater variety of my winter gear, as I can actually find it all.


*Also, my dearest love is not what you’d call “naturally organized,” so I thought the labels might help prevent him from just tossing his gloves and toques into any old bin.


5 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

    • Oh, my– we get that here, too, in our summers. I am more of a “happy medium” kinda girl. Say, 24 Celsius and no humidity? Suits me perfectly. 🙂

  1. As always – gorgeous. I particularly love the shot of the snow in the back garden. I really miss it. I so want to be in the mountains right now. Be careful what you wish for. You may end up with 11.5 months of grey and rain.

    • I know– we always want what we don’t have. 🙂 Still, one does tire of the white stuff, particularly since (as you know) it’s mostly BLACK stuff for much of the year in these here parts.

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