Sweet Liberty

I toyed with calling this post “Hoop-de-Doo”….


I have always had a (probably sort of weird) thing for embroidery hoops. I love the ingenious nature of them– so simple and elegant, so clever. I also love to embroider, though I haven’t really done it since my early 20s; I love the way it feels to hold a hoop full of fabric in my hand as I stitch.  The kind of hoops I like are not your newfangled plastic ones; rather, I like the old-fashioned wooden ones. I think of what they would have meant to ladies back in the day when embroidery was one of the very few things it was considered acceptable for girls and women to do with their time and energy. I imagine hoops being passed down from mother to daughter to granddaughter. I think of all the news and chatting and gossip and joy and heartbreak a hoop would be privy to over the course of its life.


I also LOVE fabric. I have a lot of fabric. Much of it I love too much to actually use it– ain’t no project good enough for my most gorgeous textiles– antique French cottons and linens; funky retro prints; more-precious-than-gold, swoon-worthy 1/4-metres of Liberty prints.

So of course I am all over the trend of using your hoops as a way to display pretty fabric. It’s a great way to show off (and save!) your prettiest bits of precious textiles. I got these beautiful images on Pinterest; they are all from the clever girls over at PurlBee.





3 thoughts on “Sweet Liberty

  1. I remember embroidering a few rabbits with really fluffy tails. They were so adorable in the end. Who knows what happened to the end product but it was fun.

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