Hop To It!

With Easter coming up, you may find yourself looking for a cute hostess gift or two. Here is an easy one.


I believe in using my prettiest tea towels, rather than “saving them for good.” The result is that they get stained and end up in the rag bag. The good news is that they make great dust rags and  it means I can update my tea towels a few times a year! The humble tea towel is the kitchen equivalent of buying new lipstick: it gives you a quick, inexpensive lift and brightens your day.

Look for pretty, seasonal tea towels– they are everywhere, from the dollar store to Williams & Sonoma. What hostess doesn’t need more sweet tea towels? I found a set of two cheery gingham ones (useful year-round) and a bright Easter egg print.


Tie a fancy ribbon around them and, with a nice bottle of wine or some good olive oil, you’ve got yourself a lovely little gift for your hostess!

You can see that this idea meets with approval from my resident photo-bomber:




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