Here is the Duchess, in a mock-up of her soon-to-be new surroundings.

I found the Ikat rug online and fell for it– hard. Then I had to decide which of the amazing wallpaper from Timorous Beasties I would choose. This brilliant little company in Glasgow, Scotland, does not make products for the faint of heart. But I find their gorgeous, edgy, hand-painted and/or digital prints completely irresistible.


Ever since I saw the red/pink version of Thistle on the walls of a pub in Edinburgh, I have lusted for it and wanted to use it in my home. In fact, in the mock-ups, I still like it best.
The trouble is, the paper is darker in real life and really sucks up the light;
I am concerned it will make the room look too dark.


Luckily, I am also all swoony over the (more expensive, of course!) Fresco, which also looks good with the Duchess and with the rug. Because it is lighter (it isalso quite a bit more silver-y in person), I have decided to order it, even though one person who saw my wall o’ samples took one look at ALL the Timorous Beasties paper samples, made a moue of disgust and said, “Ew! NO!”  I disagree– I love it and, though I’m a bit sad about not being able to use my beloved Thistle, I am sure I will find a use for the latter in some future project. (I already have one in mind….)


3 thoughts on “Wallflowers

  1. Sorry about the moue. Actually it does look great ith the Duchess although I love the polka dots on the gray. The rug is amazing. You are going to love your new space.

  2. Wow ! awesome ,love the rug and the gray paper. The other is great but I agree that it is too dark. Too much competition with your clothes and might suck out the light.


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