I believe

… deeply, fervently, evangelically in the power of paint.
So does my friend, S, who is blessed with excellent taste, an eye for the pretty and a crafty streak a mile wide.

She has just moved into a rental condo with her hubby and, as they get ready to go from being a twosome to being a trio in the fall, she is busy making the condo homey and, in typical S style, super pretty.

She and her fella have this dresser, as do so very many people around the world.


Nothing cries out for a makeover like birch veneer, don’t you agree?
Here is what S’s dresser looks like now, after a few coats of Sherwin Williams “Jitterbug Jade” (hello, awesome, of-the-moment colour name!) and the addition of some sparkly new knobs.


Gorgeous, right?


Thanks, S, for letting me post your hard work!


I don’t want to set the world on fire


But I do like to have matches on hand in the bathroom.
You know, for those, erm, moments when a match would come in handy…

I like fancy matchboxes and fancy matches, but I am, at heart, too cheap to splash out on them.
I buy your garden-variety, grocery store matches.
This little project (15 minutes, tops!) was inspired by my desire to have nicer match-storage in my bathroom.


Scissors, a pretty jar (with a lid is best, so the matches don’t fall out when you strike the match), some sandpaper and a glue gun are all you need.


Cut a circle of sandpaper the size of the bottom of the jar and glue it in place.
Put your matches in the jar and you’re done!


(Full disclosure: get very, very fine sandpaper– mine was too rough and it did not actually light the match, it just destroyed the match-head. I had to swap it out for a finer grade.)

I have this thing…

…about changing my living room décor to reflect the seasons. It involves “lightening” the accents in the room by removing the ruby-red raw silk drapes and the warm, nubbly linen and raw silk cushion covers and replacing them with more summery fabrics.


This year, we are embarking on a big renovation and so I did not want to go all the way– dredging out the seashells and starfish to make the living room feel beachy– rather, I wanted a quick fix that would still say summer without all the fuss and muss, as I figure fuss and muss are to be had in spades in the weeks ahead.

I was lucky enough to score a real deal on some curtains from Ikea. They were in the “As-Is” room and were in perfect condition, but had been used in a display, so could not be resold at full price. I scooped them up immediately, despite the fact that they were tab-tops.

Dear Interweb, I really hate tab-top curtains. They don’t function well and they don’t look good.


I had elaborate plans to get rid of the tabs by cutting them off and then sewing a channel to make a pocket for the curtain rod and then, out of nowhere, it hit me: there was an easier, BETTER way!

So here is what I did:


I folded the tabs over to the rear of the curtain and pinned them in place.

Next, I machine-stitched each tab in place along the top (now the bottom) of the tab to create the look of pleater tape without the hassle of pleater tape. I threaded the rod through the loops made from the tabs on the rear of each panel and that, my friends, was that.


The result?
(A bit hard to see in our north-facing living room, I admit.)
For $20 and 20 minutes of work, I have a light, summery linen look that lets my new cushions with their bright persimmon-coloured birds pop.

A Room of One’s Own, Take II

Further to Wednesday’s post, here is an inspiration board I created for the teenager who has chosen turquoise as her colour for her room. This one is especially tricky– turquoise can be really muddy and dark. Luckily, her room is north-facing, so the cool light will be lovely with shades of aqua and turquoise.

Once again, I recommend getting the colour from bed linens and accessories, rather than the walls. With white walls, this colour scheme will make for a very soothing, calming sleeping space.


1, 2 – Fashion-inspired prints by Lucy Snowe
3 – a wrought iron bed is perfect in a girl’s room
4 – a pop of the chosen shade in a low dresser (which could also serve as a bedside table!)
5 – pretty sheets
6 – I like a pendant suspended next to the bed as a bedside lamp. How cute would this one look, floating above that bright dresser?
7 – a patterned rug
8 – boho-inspired duvet and shams– don’t be afraid to mix patterns for a fresh, modern look.

Sources: 1, 2 etsy; 3-8 Anthropologie.

Happy weekend, everyone!
(Enjoy your May 2-4, my fellow Canucks!)

A Room of One’s Own

delovelydelightfulPhoto source.

A dear friend of mine is getting ready to welcome two teenaged girls into her home. While the girls won’t be there all the time, it’s important that each has her own room and that she feels like it really is hers. To that end, the girls have been given free reign with the colour choice.  Both girls have chosen pretty colours, but the thing is, I am pretty sure that when most people think about “choosing a colour” for a room, we think of painting the walls that colour. But there is more than one way to create a “coloured” room.

I think the best idea is to stick with a fairly neutral wall colour and to work in your favourite shade(s) through other elements. The result is not only less oppressive, it is also crisper and more modern. In a bedroom, the result is lighter and fresher– easier to live with, more restful. Also, if (when!) you change your mind, it’s easy to switch up to a new shade.

 Here is some inspiration for the elder girl’s room; she chose yellow and her room faces south,
so there will be lots of lovely light. Wouldn’t a room with decor like this be pretty?


1, 2 — whimsical prints by Amanda Catherine
3 – a pearly dresser, for a feminine touch
4 – crisp bedding in her chosen shade
5 – a swing-arm bedside lamp with a Parisienne sensibility
6 – a white wrought-iron bedstead (I’d wrap fairy lights in the headboard!)
7 – a pretty rug
8 – a curvy bedside table to hold a pile of good books

Sources: 1, 2- etsy; 3-8 – Anthropologie