A Room of One’s Own

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A dear friend of mine is getting ready to welcome two teenaged girls into her home. While the girls won’t be there all the time, it’s important that each has her own room and that she feels like it really is hers. To that end, the girls have been given free reign with the colour choice.  Both girls have chosen pretty colours, but the thing is, I am pretty sure that when most people think about “choosing a colour” for a room, we think of painting the walls that colour. But there is more than one way to create a “coloured” room.

I think the best idea is to stick with a fairly neutral wall colour and to work in your favourite shade(s) through other elements. The result is not only less oppressive, it is also crisper and more modern. In a bedroom, the result is lighter and fresher– easier to live with, more restful. Also, if (when!) you change your mind, it’s easy to switch up to a new shade.

 Here is some inspiration for the elder girl’s room; she chose yellow and her room faces south,
so there will be lots of lovely light. Wouldn’t a room with decor like this be pretty?


1, 2 — whimsical prints by Amanda Catherine
3 – a pearly dresser, for a feminine touch
4 – crisp bedding in her chosen shade
5 – a swing-arm bedside lamp with a Parisienne sensibility
6 – a white wrought-iron bedstead (I’d wrap fairy lights in the headboard!)
7 – a pretty rug
8 – a curvy bedside table to hold a pile of good books

Sources: 1, 2- etsy; 3-8 – Anthropologie


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