I don’t want to set the world on fire


But I do like to have matches on hand in the bathroom.
You know, for those, erm, moments when a match would come in handy…

I like fancy matchboxes and fancy matches, but I am, at heart, too cheap to splash out on them.
I buy your garden-variety, grocery store matches.
This little project (15 minutes, tops!) was inspired by my desire to have nicer match-storage in my bathroom.


Scissors, a pretty jar (with a lid is best, so the matches don’t fall out when you strike the match), some sandpaper and a glue gun are all you need.


Cut a circle of sandpaper the size of the bottom of the jar and glue it in place.
Put your matches in the jar and you’re done!


(Full disclosure: get very, very fine sandpaper– mine was too rough and it did not actually light the match, it just destroyed the match-head. I had to swap it out for a finer grade.)


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