Picking and Choosing

This time of year is a very busy one in my job– think tax accountant right before tax deadline, Santa’s elves on December 23rd… You get the idea. Which means I have had no time to be creative at all, a fact which is making me mighty cranky! As a result, I also have no photos to show you of any projects around here.

Here, however, is a little something getting underway at my mum’s house. She has worked very hard to save up and is (finally!) giving her house a full-fledged makeover. That means the kitchen is saying goodbye to the ’70s, the living room is bidding farewell to the early ’90s and big, beautiful things are afoot! She is in the process of picking and choosing all the components– cabinets, floors, wallpaper, paint, etc. It’s a fun but nerve-wracking process.


The paint swatch is called Thunder and it’s by Benjamin Moore.


Above is a sneak peek at the wallpaper we’ve chosen for her living room. It’s called Swallows and is a reissue of a vintage Sanderson paper from the 1930s. It is sooooo gorgeous– I can’t wait to see it on the wall!  The rug is just an inspiration idea, as she is also getting new hardwood flooring throughout the house. It is going to look amazing!


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