Rain, Rain, Go Away

It is dark, dreary and wet here. So here is a quick little project for a rainy day.


A few weeks back, I was the lucky recipient of a lovely collection of vintage lingerie ads. They are utterly fabulous and I really want to frame them all up and make a feature of them somewhere in the house. The thing is, custom framing is so pricey and once you commit to it, you are locked in, as it is not economical/sensible to switch up the frames if you get tired of them. Which I always do.


Thus, off to IKEA! But, as you may know, IKEA frames are designed for use with their own prints and images = the sizes are non-standard and, frankly, kinda wonky. So, how did I solve the perennial my-pictures-don’t-fit-the-frames problem so well-known to devoted IKEA shoppers? Washi tape, of course!


I got basic Ribba frames in white and, rather than mounting the images inside the mats (the openings are too small, the next size up is too big. Hello, Goldilocks Complex!), I used pretty washi tape to attach the images to the front of each mat.


I chose my current favourite washi tape– it looks like pins stuck through fabric, which I thought was appropriate for fashion ads.  I used one strip at the top and one at the bottom of each image. I tore the tape, leaving ragged edges, for a more unfinished look in order to echo the torn edges of some of the images and to provide contrast with the oh-so-well-turned-out models in the illustrations. You could mix and match, use a different number of strips of tape, cut your tape with scissors, use more traditional frames…whatever!



Easy, fast and effective. My kinda project, perfect for brightening up a rainy day.


4 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away

    • Thanks, Darlington Delights. I have plans to incorporate them in the dressing room or my sewing room. I have some vintage 20s fashion plates in the latter, so I thought these would fit in nicely.

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