Chalk it up…

…to the joys of experimentation.


I loved the old, worn, peeling paint on this Very Useful Hutch I bought a few years ago. But it was time for a face-lift in order to make the piece work as part of Project Dressing Room. For a long time, I wasn’t sure what, exactly, I wanted to do in terms of giving the hutch a makeover. I knew, however, that my good friend Annie Sloan would not let me down and I was right!  I did prime, just because I did not want to waste my pricey paint on the very old, very dry wood– I figured it would just drink up all that paint and I’d need 6 coats to cover! I did no sanding at all, though (I was worried about lead-based paint, as the piece is over 80 years old)– I just painted Old White on the inside and Graphite on the outside, right over all the old, chipping paint. There is a bit of texture in the final effect, which I quite like.


I wanted the hutch to have a slightly quirky, whimsical touch, in keeping with the somewhat irreverent, modern/vintage mix I am aiming for in the dressing room. Enter NEON pink craft paint! I ended up mixing it with some of Annie’s Old White for more opaque coverage, as the craft paint was very sheer and streaky.


Finally, I added some chalk drawings and a soupçon of French (“but well, there you go!”) to the front. I can erase it and change it up any time I like. Also, it’s easy to remove if I get tired of the look and I can quickly paint out the neon legs if I decide I want a more sober, traditional look one day in the future. In case I ever When I grow up.

Not only does it provide very useful storage for all my handbags,
the finished product also serves as an outstanding cat perch.




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