To Be A Pilgrim

delovelydelightfulFurther to Monday’s post, I thought I’d share with you a few reasons why I make a pilgrimage to Liberty of London a must for each of my visits to London.  If you have never been to Liberty, then I cannot do it justice here, in words or images. If you have been, then you will know what I mean.  Either way, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what was going on there this July.

It is, in short, a shrine to all things gorgeous and stylish, from paper products to clothing to homewares to décor to sewing and haberdashery and crafting supplies to seasonal items to the purely whimsical and creative. I spend a few hours there each time I visit, just wandering and soaking up the amazing, inspiring, beautifully-styled displays of wonderful, wild, weird, beautiful things I could never afford. Think of Liberty as the elegant, sophisticated grandmother of Anthropologie— the effortlessly chic, stylish, individualistic kind of aristocratic, truly British eccentric, an iconic tastemaker who comes along only once in history.


I have a few Liberty posts lined up for you, but today’s takes a look at one of the things they do best: push boundaries. This display took my breath away*– the juxtaposition of the religious imagery with the delicate blown-glass skulls and the traditional floral china patterns really works for me. I’d LOVE to have all of these dishes and accents in my home; I love the mix of the delicate and the hard-edged, the use of traditional elements in a decidedly non-traditional way. How pretty would a bunch of the little glass skulls look amid some ivory-coloured candles down the middle of a dining table?

*it also took my brain away– I forgot to check who made these beauties! If anyone knows, please let me know in the comments so I can link to the source. 


Across the room from the dinnerware was a little display of candy skulls. I can’t explain why I love skulls so much– it dates back to my teen years and there is no good reason why someone as squeamish as I am should be so obsessed with something so macabre… Maybe because I’m a Hallowe’en baby? In any case, I love that skulls are all the rage these past few years!



(Those of you who work with me will recognize that title, but this link is for those of you who are mystified. The religious connection works on more than one level today. 🙂 )


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