Shine a Light


I saw a similar DIY on Cityline and thought to myself, “Why, those would be PERFECT for my dressing room makeover!” And, since I already had the Ikea candle-holder/planter thingies, all I needed to do was find the covered cord kit I wanted in order to jeuje up the Cityline version, which used plain white plastic cord. Turns out, finding that cord was not as easy as I thought it would be: it seems that North Americans just don’t want pretty, brightly-coloured, fabric-wrapped electrical cord. Brits? Heck, yeah– they are ALL OVER it and you can order it online in a myriad of gorgeous colours. But British electrical cord is not compatible with North American electrical current, as anyone knows who has ever moved from one side of the pond to the other and had to have all her existing lamps rewired… And so, I had a problem. I could order some from Portland, but it was a replica of vintage cord, so the available colours were pretty muted; the most exciting colour they had was a sort of rusty red.
Good looking, but not a good fit with my design vision, alas.

Then, one day, I was walking along and there, in the window of one of my favourite shops, Ziggy’s at Home, was a display of Plogit cords! Perfect!  And they are designed in Canada = awesome!  I zipped in and asked whether the cords came in hot pink and, when the answer was “yes,” I quickly snapped  up two of the remaining three.

Many months later, I enlisted the help of my dear friend BMad to help me with the transformation. He is an artist, photographer, sculptor and all around handy guy, so I knew he’d have the tools. Over I went to his place last  Friday morning and, in under half an hour, he completed the metamorphosis of my candle/plant holder thingies, making them into pretty pendants with a modern edge. Now I can’t wait to hang them!

Here’s how we he did it:

1. Mark the centre of the bottom of the vessel.  These are metal (tin?) so we used a regular hole saw, but you can also get bits that allow you to drill into glass, if you would like to transform a glass container.


2. Hold the bottom of the vessel steady and sloooooowly drill a hole with the pilot bit, then keep going sloooowly with the hole saw bit. Make sure you choose a hole saw a teeny bit bigger than the socket.


3. Flip the vessel over to finish drilling from inside, if you can reach with your drill. We put a scrap of 2″ x 4″ under it to protect the surface of the table.


4. A file will smooth the rough edges of the metal.

5. Unscrew the Plogit socket (or the socket and cord kit you got at the hardware store) and insert it through the hole from the bottom, reattaching the neck on the inside.


6. Put a bulb in it and there you go! It’s all ready to hang!


You’ll have to wait until the dressing room gets finished before I can show you these babies in situ, but I wanted to give you a glimpse of the process because BMad and I were so thrilled with the results!


Thanks to Arren Williams, all-around clever guy and talented designer/stylist for the “spark” of the idea!
And thanks to BMad for doing the drilling and filing.


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