Peggy Goes

There are so many exciting projects afoot here at Delovely HQ, but no time for photo-taking and documenting, so you will have to be patient while I restore a semblance of order to our daily lives before I can share with you some of the fun stuff we are up to around here.

In the meantime, I must introduce you to someone who stole my heart the second I saw her. Meet Peggy.


When I was little, I made clothes-peg dolls by the dozens, taking hours and hours to make each one unique, making clothes, hair, faces and dreaming up individual stories and personalities and relationships for them. My mum found them stored in her basement and gave them back to me– they are hilarious! And I can still remember each and every one of them, as though they were real people. If we ever find my sewing room again in this chaos, I will be sure to post them for you to see so you can have a laugh.


Knowing how I feel about clothes peg dollies (and about a certain someone named Peggy), you can imagine how my heart skipped a beat when I saw this enchanting little lady at Liberty! Peggy is busy– she goes on holiday, to the shops, to work, to Mexico…. Isn’t this a clever idea? What a sweet gift she would make for a sewist or other crafty sort.



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