Darkness & Light

Renovation chaos continues at Delovely HQ– it took me a looong time to find my tablet and stylus in order to do this post and I don’t even want to imagine what will happen the next time I need to find something to wear that is not one of two pairs of (grubby) shorts and one of two (equally grubby) t-shirts….

One of the things we are discovering (#late_to_the_party) is that one renovation project leads to another and, thanks to a profound difference in working styles (I’m more “start one room and finish it before moving to the next,” and he’s more “do all the similar projects at once, even if they are in different rooms”), every single room in our house is both filthy and full of stuff that Does Not Belong There. Think a headboard for my mum in the living room, paint supplies in the dressing room, ALL MY CLOTHES in the basement, all my shoes in storage bins, etc.

What keeps me going is the fact that I may be within striking distance (*spits superstitiously for fear of angering the renovation gods*) of finishing the decor in the office. Which was not on the initial reno list beyond a little project to make desk drawers. Which quickly escalated into new paint, new curtains, new flooring, etc.

Here is the inspiration for the office make-over. I’m hoping I’ll be able to reveal the finished product to you before, oh, say, Christmas….


1.  Dip-dye curtains, scooped up from the West Elm sale room ($15 each! Woot!)

2. The colour that has captured my heart– Blackberry Punch, by Benjamin Moore. Looks sooo sharp against the creamy white built-ins in our office.

3. Some crisp and preppy fabric that is not too feminine, since our office is shared space and I must refrain from making it too girly.


4. An area rug to protect our new hardwood floors from the ravages of our office chair’s wheels.

5. A cute print or two to lighten the mood. (I love this one in spite of its punctuation error.)

6. Jumping on the brass hardware/gold accents bandwagon.



2 thoughts on “Darkness & Light

  1. I can’t wait to see everything. I’m so excited. BTW, the last item looks very very very exciting but not sure exactly what it is.

    I went to bed last night and realised we missed our skype date. 😦

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