Home, Sweet Home

ZARA HOME, that is!

Here are some of the lovelies on my Currently Coveting List:


1.  Mirror
2. Tumbler
3. Cockatoo Serving Plate

One of the (very, very many) things I love about the UK is that there are home wares shops affiliated with some of my favourite clothing brands. If you have ever checked out my other little corner of the Interweb, you will know that I am big fan of Zara, the Spanish chain specialising in spot-on designer knock-offs at very accessible prices.

I always make a point of visiting their home wares shop when I am in London and so I am over the moon to know that I can get some of their many delightful items HERE IN CANADA.


1. Skull Pillow
2. Romance Wallpaper
3. Onuki Nest of Tables
4. Gold Laminate Lantern

Thanks, Zara– you have eliminated the “I-can-buy-only-what-I-can-take-home-on-the-plane” problem! Woot!

(H&M, are you listening?)


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